Digital Book Printing – Take Advantage of Changes in the Business Model

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Your Opportunity

The time is right for Print Service Providers to take advantage of the opportunity in digital book printing.  The move to digital means that European printers  can not only capture new business but also provide a local value-added service for publishers.

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Infographic image - Digital Book Printing – Take Advantage of Changes in the Business Model


The publishing industry as we know it has been changing – and with it, your business model. Yet opportunities remain as the market for digitally printed books is expanding rapidly.

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Re.Be.l (Italy) - Customised textbooks are printed on demand and delivered to customers across 150 cities in Northern Italy within five hours of ordering. The high quality, individually crafted books retail at a lower price than mass produced books.

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Digital Book Printing Video


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Ricoh Solutions for Digital Book Printing

Digital Printers:

  • High volume print on demand
  • Digital printing
  • Distribute and print
  • Technologies to link the printed page to the digital world

Solutions for Publishers

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