Precision Marketing Services

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Most companies fear a switch to data-driven customer communication because they are worried about complexity and costs. With Ricoh it's easy to start your Precision Marketing journey.

Precision Marketing Services

Most of today's documents are customer communication documents (sales letters, direct mail or transactional documents). Whether these are printed or sent electronically, it's always the relevance of the message that is important for the customer, to increase the chance of a positive reaction such as a "conversion" or sale.

How can a company actually learn which of their customers may react on a specific offer?

The answer is simple: By exploring their customer data. Data is seen as the new black gold of today's industry. Your company's existing data can be explored and analysed, even if the data is stored across multiple data silos and has different formats.

Predictive analytics helps to let you understand customer reactions by generating "likelihood scorecards" that describe the likelihood of a customer to react in a certain way.

This helps you select the perfect target group for your next campaign and also improve response rates, conversion rates and increase your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).


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Ready for a test drive?

Start your Precision Marketing journey with Ricoh. There's no need for new software, nor hiring of mathematicians and statisticians. There's no need to educate new staff.

Ricoh has come up with the following 'ready-to-go' starter packages:

  • A local Precision Marketing Workshop
    A 6-7 hour workshop to evaluate the existing campaigning process and data structure, designed for a company's marketing and IT teams. As a result, Ricoh will submit an Executive Summary plus a firm proposal for a Precision Marketing pilot.

  • The Precision Marketing Pilot
    The full implementation of one Precision Marketing campaign

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