InfoPrint® Transform Manager

Scalable transform solution accelerates AFP workflow

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Features & Benefits

Dedicated processing power for complex Adobe® PDF, PostScript®, PCL, SAP (OTF and ABAP) and TIFF, GIF and JPEG image transformation to AFP. AFP to PDF is also supported.

  • Extend the capabilities of, InfoPrint® Manager and IBM® Infoprint Server for z/OS®

  • Help improve time-sensitive print management workflow

Solution runs on AIX, Linux or Windows

  • Expand processor power as printing and print transformation needs grow

  • Use multiple cores in a single processor, multiple processors in a single server, or blade servers with the enhanced installation wizard to provide automatic configuration

  • Spread print jobs across multiple processors to help achieve significant speed improvements

Cost-effective scalability
Expand the processing power of InfoPrint® Transform Manager by installing new blades quickly and easily

Black-and-white and full-colour output for PDF, PostScript and image transforms, with Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architected colour management
Enable flexible transformation of print data streams

Enhanced speed
Accelerate transformation significantly to help boost productivity

Graphical user interface (GUI)
Simplify functions such as font substitutions with an easy-to-use administrative GUI that can replace command line programming

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