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Digital Maturity - Coleman Parkes Research sponsored by Ricoh
Majority of businesses expect to reach digital maturity by 2019 – but are they as ready as they think?

With digital transformation a key goal for many businesses, just how close are they to achieving full digital maturity? The majority of business leaders are confident they can transition from a state of digital transformation to digital maturity within just five years, according to the latest research from Coleman Parkes. The findings reveal that digital maturity – where an organisation uses sophisticated tools to drive performance and demonstrates an on-going commitment to technology, technology-led initiatives and digitally managed processes – is now a priority for 77 per cent of businesses represented in Europe and the Middle East.

Public sector employees prepare for the arrival of augmented reality, desk-based robots and drones

Europe’s public sector workforce predicts that within the next 20 years their offices will be dominated by highly sophisticated technologies that will drastically change the way they work. The future gazing research commissioned by Ricoh Europe and conducted by Coleman Parkes reveals how public sector employees anticipate the arrival of a tech evolved workplace which will make use of augmented reality (70 per cent), desk-based robots (62 per cent) and drones (62 per cent).

Europe’s workforce gears up for the era of drones, carrier nodes and hologram business meetings

By 2036 workplaces in Europe will have been transformed by technology and processes that do not even exist today, according to eight in ten employees. New research commissioned by Ricoh Europe and conducted by Coleman Parkes challenges forward-thinking workers to envisage their future work environment – and it’s one that is more interactive, collaborative and streamlined as a result of new technology and the processes that underpin innovative ways of working.

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