Free-up more time for essential business tasks with Print&Share from Ricoh

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Free-up more time for essential business tasks with Print&Share from Ricoh

London, 14 November, 2011 – Ricoh Europe, a specialist in office solutions, managed document services and production printing today launched Print&Share, a desktop software tool for small and medium sized businesses. Print&Share automates the customisation and distribution of business documents by enabling employees to easily personalise, archive, print or distribute any document.  It is cost effective, extremely intuitive and can reduce time taken to complete administrative tasks by up to 87%.*

On a daily basis, many employees are manually personalising documents which can be time-consuming, impact productivity and create inconsistency across a business. Marlene Presa, Solutions Manager, Advanced Solutions Centre, Ricoh Europe says, “Print&Share significantly reduces the time needed to perform a range of administrative tasks.  For example, an accounts administrator could use Print&Share to customise a standard invoice, and append company terms and conditions before sending it to print.  Employees can also choose to automatically email a document, convert into digital format and even add a reminder in their calendar for follow-up.”

As a result of the significant time reduction, employees are more efficient and productive, and can focus on their core business role.

Print&Share includes a wide range of easily configurable templates and features.  Options range from customising and converting documents into digital formats such as XML and PDF, automatically distributing via email, internet, fax or print.  It also enhances standard print drivers with functions such as de-selection of pages, default to black and white, paper tray selection and printer availability. Personal profiles for frequently used features are also easily set-up to meet specific employee needs.

Print&Share Eco is software focused specifically on reducing the environmental impact of print jobs. Unwanted prints are intelligently eliminated, with pages such as those from the internet with only a URL footer being automatically deleted. It can also condense the content of a document to fewer sheets. With just one click, businesses can save stacks of paper, reducing both TCO and carbon emissions. Print&Share Eco is a new addition to Ricoh’s award-winning sustainability consultancy service** that has already set a new benchmark for responsible use of resources in document management.

Print&Share and Print&Share Eco build on Ricoh’s portfolio of global office solutions which help businesses to be more cost effective, secure, productive, and sustainable. They are easy to install and suitable for any personal computer. When used with Ricoh’s Multi-Function Products, businesses can reduce the cost of their printing by allowing users to actively reduce the number of pages printed whilst simultaneously distributing documents via email, fax or archiving to electronic storage.

Print&Share is available now from select Ricoh and Ricoh resellers. To find out more, visit

*  Ricoh Europe tests - January 2011.  Time to customise an invoice was reduced from 3 minutes 50 seconds to 30 seconds.

** Ricoh’s Sustainability Optimisation Programme, awarded first prize in the EFQM Sustainability Good Practice Competition 2011

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Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh Company) is a Fortune Global 500 company specialising in technology and services that transform high volume, document intensive business processes into more efficient ones.  This is achieved through Ricoh’s expertise in Managed Document Services, Production Printing, Office Solutions and IT Services.  By working with Ricoh, businesses can streamline the way they work, become more efficient and profitable, and share knowledge more effectively within their organisations. With a global workforce of 109,014, Ricoh operates in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, China and Japan.

Ricoh Europe Holdings Plc is a public limited company and the EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company with operations located in London, United Kingdom and Amstelveen, the Netherlands.  In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2011, revenues from Ricoh's EMEA operations totalled JPY413.9 billion (approx €3.5 billion based on the US Federal Reserve exchange rate 31 March 2011). Ricoh group’s worldwide sales totalled JPY1,942 billion (approx €16.4 billion based on the US Federal Reserve exchange rate 31 March 2011).

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