Ricoh eProcurement portal

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Ricoh eProcurement portal

We understand the challenges global organisations face to ensure that procurement processes across their operations are consistent and compliant with corporate policies. In response, we have developed our eProcurement portal to support the efficient, effective ordering and delivery of Ricoh products and solutions around the world.

Ricoh’s eProcurement portal makes it easier for enterprise customers to manage the procurement of new inventory from Ricoh across their regional operations. Available as a customisable website, integrated with your existing procurement systems or as a hybrid solution, the portal provides a standardised platform for procuring our products and solutions.

Ensuring compliant procurement

Without consistent procurement practices that adhere to corporate policies, your organisation can be at risk of performance, security and compliance issues arising from untested inventory delivered by uncertified suppliers.

Ricoh’s eProcurement portal acts as a barrier to non-compliant procurement activity. Your head office procurement team can maintain full control over the selection of products available to order by local procurement teams. This ensures that only items that are tested for compliance with your infrastructure and are supported locally are supplied to your operations.

Consistency across global operations

The eProcurement portal ensures that the price lists for items that are displayed to local procurement teams are consistent with the prices negotiated by your central procurement team. Any updates – such as product discounts – are automatically reflected in the prices displayed to local procurement users. 

Streamlined ordering

Ricoh’s eProcurement portal has been developed with direct input from our customers to ensure it provides practical support for global procurement operations. The portal’s user-centric interface and 24/7 availability means it is easier and quicker for procurement users to place orders for new inventory.

Once an order has been placed and approved through the portal, it is then delivered and supported by the appropriate local service team within Ricoh’s global network. This ensures that you receive targeted, personalised support at a local level, while benefitting from a single global platform for managing procurement activity.

Contact us to find out how our eProcurement portal can help you deliver streamlined, consistent procurement processes.

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