Ricoh’s Connected Business Programme

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The power of collaboration and partnership is core to Ricoh’s brand and the way we do business.

It is through collective imagination and knowledge sharing that Ricoh is able to continuously transform business processes and make them work better, together for everyone’s benefit. We gain inspiration from our employees, customers and through the wider marketplace. That is why Ricoh, under the umbrella theme  “Connected Business Programme”, is partnering with leading business thinkers, academic and research organisations.

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Founding Sponsor: Technology Frontiers 2013 - Economist Conferences

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 Following a very successful first-ever Technology Frontiers conference in March 2012 and a unique insight into the future of technology disruption in business, Ricoh once again partnered with The Economist Group to bring you the 2013 Technology Frontiers conference and new research amongst business leaders.

In its second year, Technology Frontiers brought together leading academic and business thinkers, to better understand how business will operate in the future as a result of the impacts in of technology. Central in the 2013 conference programme was the debate on Humans and Machines.

Technology has moved beyond simply transforming how we live. We are entering an era where technology will redefine who we are. It is no longer just a question of what technology can do for us, but how we should use it to gain real benefits.  At Ricoh we believe that process innovation is essential to build beneficial relationships between humans and technology.

Technology Frontiers 2013, a technology event for senior business leaders, allowed you to be part of the debate.

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Ricoh whitepapers

Through Ricoh's sponsored research programmes, Ricoh had produced a series of whitepapers resulting in the Ricoh Process Efficiency Index providing business leaders with fresh insight into business critical document processes. These whitepapers can be downloaded at

The Economist Intelligence Unit

Ricoh is the exclusive sponsor of research conducted by the Economist Economist Intelligence Unit logoIntelligence Unit.  The report titled: “The future of technology disruption in business” provides business leaders with a unique insight into the ways technology will change organisations between now and 2020.

Read more about Ricoh’s unique insight into the findings to help business leaders determine how their business processes will transform in the future at

Ricoh Sponsorships

Bocconi School of Management

In keeping with the ideals of its founders, Bocconi University seeks to address the research and education needs of the European and global economy. It favours cultural progress, international SDA Bocconi Logo215x81exchange, and economic integration.  It was responsible for setting up the first, Ricoh sponsored, Document Management Academy to train business leaders of tomorrow on the need for effective business document processes. Ricoh experts in Italy play an active role in student lectures, and participate in the organising committee to ensure that course content reflects future business needs.

Ricoh’s focus is to create a generation of business leaders that can transform business processes to be more profitable, efficient, react more quickly to workplace changes, meet customer needs and share knowledge more efficiently.

Read more about the Ricoh sponsored Document Management Academy programme.

IESE Business School

Our patronage of the IESE Business School is something we are very proud of.  With academic sites across the world, IESE offers MBA, Global ExecutiveIESE Business School MBA, Executive MBA and PhD in Management degrees, as well as a wide range of executive education programs for global senior
executives and Continuing Education programs for alumni. 

Consistently ranked as one of the leading MBA Business Schools in the world, a hallmark of the IESE experience is the school's dedication to the individual development of leaders who aspire to have a positive, deep and lasting impact on people, firms and society through their professionalism, integrity and spirit of service.

Ricoh are proud to be associated with IESE through our patronage of this.

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